Celebrate Success and Progress

It’s time to plan for the progression of the Apprentice


Continuous learning and development

It is important that once the Apprenticeship is completed the learning does not stop. Every employee should have a personal development plan and this also includes individuals that have just completed an Apprenticeship. Learning can take place in formal settings, by attending organised training events or workshops, or studying for a formal qualification or being taught to acquire a new skill by your manager or a colleague. They can also be informal, such as coaching others, covering others’ work when they are on leave, or offering to take on a new project.


What happens after the Apprenticeship?

Most apprentices stay with their employer after the completion of their Apprenticeship, so your investment will result in a committed and valuable workforce. You can tailor the time your apprentice spends with you to teach them the skills and knowledge your organisation needs to achieve its goals, giving you an extra pair of hands and a flexible resource while they are in training and an experienced staff member after completion.


In-work progression

As part of your strategic workforce planning you should have specific progression routes for trained apprentices. If appropriate, you could also ‘pass’ them on to an organisation in your supply chain with the double effect of ensuring that your suppliers have the right skills to deliver for you and in some cases you could re-charge the training to the employer in question. Your organisation should also establish a variety of progression routes and help people to advance their career in line with company practices. One possible route could also be another Apprenticeship, at a different level or in another sector/occupation.


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