The Apprenticeship Journey Begins

From induction to regular catch-ups and performance reviews, we provide ongoing guidance to ensure the Apprenticeship programme generates real returns. Download our templates to get support at every step.


The Apprentice’s Induction

Prroviding a well thought through induction is not only valuable for employers in helping an apprentice adapt to the workplace effectively but also a source of support that is generally appreciated by the apprentice themselves as they may not be familiar with how things work generally in the work environment.

Getting the induction process right is key to help the apprentice settle into the business; explain how the apprentice fits in the wider team and help them understand their duties and clearly explain the line of authority. It is also an opportunity to provide practical guidance in areas such as working time, breaks, pay, working conditions and health and safety; provide reassurance about where they can go for help if difficulties arise and provide them with opportunities to ask questions.

The apprentice induction checklist and the templates below can assist you in this process.

New Apprentice Details

Apprentice’s expenses form

Holiday request form

Mileage claim


Regular Catch-Ups and Performance Reviews


Reviews usually take place in the workplace every couple of weeks depending on what has been agreed in the Individual Learning Plan. This is an opportunity to discuss the apprentice’s progression and agree long and short term targets for the completion of his/her qualification. To help the learner plan for those reviews, encourage him to fill in the self-reflection tool.

Self reflection tool


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